For: 30-150 People

Cocktail Hour Graze

We have combined all the best bits of a canape table with our signature grazing.

FROM: £450.00

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We place delicious bites in artfully laid rows, they are the perfect pop of flavour to be eaten in-between socializing, cocktails and photos. We can dress your cocktail hour grazing table in whatever style you choose.


1 Meter (feeds up to 30 people) – Starts at £450

1.5 Meters (feeds up to 45 people) – Starts at £675

2 Meters (feeds up to 60 people) – Starts at £900

3 Meters (feeds up to 90 people) – Starts at £1,350

4 Meters (feeds up to 120 people) – Starts at £1,800

5 Meters (feeds up to 150 people) – Starts at £2,250



Award winning speciality cheeses, premium charcuterie and cured meats, antipasti, home-made dips, artisan bread, crackers, home-made chutney, dried nuts & fruit, seasonal fruit and vegetables, olives, home-grown herbs, local fresh honeycomb & artisan savoury delicacies.

If you have something specific you wish to see, or want us to avoid, we can work together to ensure it’s just right. Please make us aware of any allergies.


Foliage and Flowers

We think flowers and foliage always add a little something extra to our events. Within the price of our grazing tables we include fresh Eucalyptus. However, depending on personal taste, style and aesthetic, the environment the graze will be in or the event theme, you may want to include more blooms to your table! Once the event is over all foliage and blooms are yours to keep and display however you wish to.


If you require more let us know! We will work with your vision and give you a price upon discussion