For: 30-150 People

Rustic Layered Graze

Essentially this look combines the elegance of our 'flat lay' but with natural props to add height, depth and drama.

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A Grazing style accentuated by the notes of wood and natural tones.


1 Meter (feeds up to 30 people) – Starts at £660

1.5 Meters (feeds up to 45 people) – Starts at £990

2 Meters (feeds up to 60 people) – Starts at £1,320

3 Meters (feeds up to 90 people) – Starts at £1,980

4 Meters (feeds up to 120 people) – Starts at £2,640

5 Meters (feeds up to 150 people) – Starts at £3,300

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Created with the best cheese, cured meat, antipasti, seasonal and artisanal produce.

Please note we only use seasonal produce – the contents of this box may change according to the seasons. All of our products are made to order, when refrigerated will last 2-3 days. We recommend eating the produce the same day as delivery for the best possible food experience. 

Styled in:

Natural and earthy wooden tablescape props.


Customisable for the number of guests.

Allergy advice:

Please note our products may be customised to suit dietary requirements and allergies. Please contact us before ordering.

Please note our products may contain the following ingredients:

Dairy | Nuts | Wheat | Soy | Celery | Cereals | Meat | Honey | Eggs | Mustard | Seeds


We think flowers and foliage always add a little something extra to our events. You may want to include blooms and foliage to compliment your personal taste, style and aesthetic, the environment the graze will be in or the event theme. Once the event is over all foliage and blooms are yours to keep and display however you wish to. Please contact us in relation to adding styled blooms to any event.