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Who we are...

We are Fig & Flower, a family run business with a passion for eating food and creating it. We combine our love of flavours, design and flowers with a pinch of family flair to create something delicious and bespoke. In 2018 we made the leap and created Fig & Flower, Lincolnshire’s first grazing company. What started as a passion project within our family café and events for friends, family and local clients soon gained momentum and became our business venture. We now work with prestigious Manor houses, cater for huge corporate clients and begun the exciting avenue of brand collaborations.

We are privileged to live in Lincolnshire surrounded by the best quality produce and local independent companies selling their award winning produce. We, as a small business, are extremely conscious of what produce we use, keeping everything local, artisan and home-made. Taste is just as important to us as style.

There are now many grazing companies based all over Lincolnshire creating the most beautiful and mouth-watering creations, yet, where we think Fig & Flower are a cut above the rest is evident in the quality, precise detail, diverse and unique way we do what we do. Scroll along to our gallery page to get your fix of grazing goodness.

About Fig & Flower

Fig and Flower have brought the Australian ‘Grazing’ sensation to the East Midlands.

Our grazing tables are a decadent food experience layered with beautiful seasonal fresh foliage and blooms. We combine a sea of food woven with seasonal flowers to create ‘Food Art’. Food, blooms and styling are our passions, and together they create the most wonderfully delicious displays. Every first bite is with the eye. Our bespoke displays bring people together, create conversation, memories and are the show-stopping element for any celebration. Our grazing options can be customised to suit any aesthetic, style or ‘look’ and promise to leave your guests in awe, taste buds tingling and talking about the delights of grazing.

Our displays are the most modern (and delicious) way to cater your next event, large or small. They are made up of home-made and locally sourced produce. Anything we can’t make ourselves we collaborate with the best local suppliers, it’s our passion to support and incorporate local businesses to enhance your food experience.


At Fig and Flower we strive to maintain a sustainable business model. As we are a small family run business, we find this easier than most. Please ask us the ways in which we are taking action to reduce our carbon footprint.



Grazing Information

A professional, experienced, fully insured and registered caterer

We have dotted the i's and crossed the t's.

Perfect for events held both indoors and outdoors.

In a field, country estate, private home, tepee or pop-up, we can cater for any setting.

Grazing that lasts for hours.

Our spreads last for hours, they have been masterfully created so your guests can go back and graze over and over. Food is such a social aspect of any event we want you and your guests to explore, taste and chat about the graze throughout the day.