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Grazing Tables

Fig & Flower have brought the Australian ‘grazing’ sensation to the East Midlands. Our grazing experiences are in essence a way cooler, abundantly stunning and decadent alternative to a buffet. Really, there is no comparison! Its casual, sociable dining at its finest. Suitable for any occasion our tables and boards can be adapted to any event, from an accompaniment to a summer BBQ to a wedding reception and everything in-between. We love to inspire with our arrangement of colour, vibrancy, texture and most importantly delicious tasting food.


Speciality cheeses, cured meats, charcutery, antipasti, dips, artisan bread, crackers, chutney, dried nuts, dried fruit, seasonal fruit and vegetables, bespoke roasted ham joint, olives, herbs, home-made honeycomb, artisan savoury delicases and sweet treats.

If there is something specifically you wish to see, or want us to avoid, we can work together to ensure it’s just right. Please make us aware of any allergies.


1 metre (30 people) – from £450

1.5 metres (45 people) – from £675

2 metres (60 people) – from £900

3 metres (90 people) – from £1,350

4 metres (120 people) – from £1,800

5 metres (150 people) – from £2,250

Our Kids Menu

Freshly cut fruit and vegetables, dips, crackers, cheeses, meats, artisan bread, savoury treats, popcorn and sweet treats.


1 metre (30 children) – from £300

30 children+ – price on consultation


Superfood salad with roasted veg – From £35

Moroccan salad topped with grilled halloumi – From £35

Potato Salad – From £15

Chunky Coleslaw – From £12

Pasta salad – From £20

Goats cheese, apple and walnut salad – From £35

Doughnut Wall – From £50

Foliage and Flowers

We think flowers and foliage always add a little something extra to our events. Within the price of our grazing tables we include foliage and one flower arrangement. However, depending on personal taste, style and aesthetic, the environment the graze will be in or the event theme, you may want to include more blooms to your table!

If you require more let us know! We will work with your vision and give you a price upon discussion.